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EU Taxonomy
The EU Taxonomy, formally known as the "Regulation (EU) 2020/852 on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment," is a significant regulatory framework introduced by the European Union (EU)
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Sustainable finance
Sustainable finance is a financial approach and framework that integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions and capital allocation
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Non-Linear Analysis Design Rules Part 2a
Non-Linear Analysis Design Rules Part 2a Specification of Benchmarks on Nozzles under Pre...
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At Work 2024 Report
Our annual report of World Nuclear Association's activities is out now.
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World Nuclear Performance Report 2023
The World Nuclear Performance Report 2023 edition provides an up-to-date picture of the nuc...
World Nuclear News
US microreactor clears initial stage of pre-testing safety review
Friday, 7 June 2024
Microreactor startup Radiant Industries has been approved
National poll shows shift in Australian nuclear opinion
Friday, 7 June 2024
Australian attitudes towards energy sources have shifted markedly
Construction of Finnish pilot SMR plant to start in 2025
Friday, 7 June 2024
Steady Energy said it is set to start construction of its first LDR-50 district heating reactor
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