Kids Vs. Technology

Without a doubt, kids today are smarter than we have been at their age 30 – 40 years ago. My kids ages 4 and 5 can actually singlehandedly maneuver my desktop and my touchscreen cellphone for their most favorite games, camera, and music. Surprisingly, they are a computer literate compared to those who are double their ages. The fact that they are aware of the technologies brought by time can somehow make me think: should I feel amused or should I be worried? Being tech-comfy has absolutely thousands of benefits as a child grows up. But always, as in always, every good side has its bad side.

The Downsides

The rationale of our kids playing with their iPads while we are busy talking to clients in a restaurant or while they wait for us from our office are very much understandable since we don’t want to be disturbed from time to time. But recent studies confirmed that technology savvy kids are more prone to obesity and insomnia due to lack of physical activity and fewer hours of sleep because of being hooked on social media and online games. Also, the world that they are absorbing through themselves may not be a healthy one as such social media are conducive to bullying and worse – pornography.

Gareth and Rebecca continue their talk about children and technology.

Gareth and Rebecca continue their talk about children and technology.

The Upsides

Younger and younger kids are aware of how technology works nowadays. Parents also use this to their advantage. Take for example a cellphone. We negate the fact that a preschooler should have a cellphone with them during school days. Parents see this as a tool for emergencies quick calls or just check out on how they are doing and where they are at the time of the call. This is all for safety reasons. Computers also would come in handy at home since school projects are now based on searching the web. It saves the child from going to internet cafes where it might not be safe for their age.

What’s best for the kids?

It might be safe to assume that technology is okay for the kids to use just as long as it suits their ages. Parental restriction is still needed to some that might contain something not conducive to their understanding. Also, there should be limitation to the hours that they are using them. It doesn’t have to be handed to them 24 hours a day even if they are just safely tucked at your home. Using these gadgets should always come with a rule – for a kid that is.

Technology and the Elementary School Student

Technology and the Elementary School Student

Working parents are the most benefited of what technologies can do whether it be communication, educational or entertainment. All things have their bad or good. But if imposed with restrictions, maybe this technology could help kids be better than the previous generation. Holding firm to these rules at home despite all the objections is helpful to balance out their time on what is really important in their lives.

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Crossfit – What You Need To Know About This New Workout Craze

People love to look fit and fabulous and they are usually inclined to the routine that they think is more effective than others. Because of this inclination, they usually try anything new, thinking that this is the workout program that would work for them. One of the latest craze in workout routine is CrossFit and a lot of people have claimed that this is the best workout program to date. Before you decide to enroll in CrossFit sessions, here are some things you need to know.

CrossFit gym has no mirrors

Their gym setup is different from the usual fitness gym that you see anywhere. Instead of the mirrors that you usually see in the gym, CrossFit gyms have none. You won’t be able to flex your muscles in front of the mirror. There may be reasons behind this setup. Other people are not fond of mirrors and they hate to see themselves in the mirror because they are not confident on how they look. Also instead of focusing on your muscles, you will focus on the routines that you are performing.

The Crossfit Craze! Is it right for you?

The Crossfit Craze! Is it right for you?

CrossFit routines is not for the faint of heart

There are many people who choose the workout routines that will fit their pace. They will usually quit if they can’t keep up with the pace. They find the routines too fast and will make this a reason to quit. There are also those that find the pace too slow and they are looking for routines that are physically-demanding and challenging. If you expect a light pace in CrossFit, then you might be wrong. CrossFit will give you the most challenging routines that will demand physical prowess. You will never get comfortable in CrossFit because the program was really designed to make you sweat. If you are looking for the most challenging routines, then this is the place to go and the right program to enroll in.

Crossfit: The Latest Fitness Craze

Crossfit: The Latest Fitness Craze

CrossFit may be too expensive for others

There are those who really find the rate of CrossFit sessions too expensive. This is because the workout routine is new and they are still looking to compensate for their business capital. However, these customers say that they can get the same results from another program yet they pay only a much lower price. If you plant to enroll in CrossFit, you may need to shell out a big amount but if you know that the results would be great, and then the money that you spend is all worth it.


Don’t be blinded by the advertisements and the word of mouth of some workout routines. While others try the different products, there are those that enroll on the programs just because it is the latest. This might be a waste of money especially if you will not like CrossFit routines. Investigate first on the routines before making any decisions. Ask from other customers who were also able to try and ask for pointers on how to be successful in that program.

5 Ways To Save On Your Energy Bills

As the world gets more progressive, more machines and devices are also being used at home. From efficient lights to reliable air cooling and heating devices, everything uses energy. The energy that your home uses right now is almost twice, if not thrice, a family in the 90’s would consume. In order to save on energy and save the earth, you must reduce energy consumption. This isn’t only good for the environment, but also for your pocket. Here are 5 ways to reduce your energy bills:

1. Avoid using standby power from devices

Most people are lazy in unplugging devices. They tend to leave their devices on standby because they believe that they will turn on the device every now and then. People are just contented in leaving the devices plugged, not knowing that it still uses up energy even if it’s not turned on. This is what experts call as standby power. It will do you good if you unplug the device when not in use.

Energy Saving Tips | Simple Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

Energy Saving Tips | Simple Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

2. Air dry your plates and clothes

Most households use the dryer to dry their wet clothes or dishes. They are unaware that using a dryer will raise energy consumption to 20 percent. This is pretty huge just for a simple task. If you have just washed your clothes or dishes, it is best that you air dry it to save energy.

3. Switch to compact fluorescent light

If you are still using an incandescent bulb, now is the right time to switch to a compact fluorescent light. You should ditch the incandescent as both bulbs can give you the same quality of light but you use lesser energy with the CFL. Also, compact fluorescent bulbs have longer lifespans than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

14 shockingly simple ways to cut your energy bill

14 shockingly simple ways to cut your energy bill

4. Secure a thermostat with timer

Heating devices are very important to keep you warm when you are at home. However, they use up too much energy. In order to adjust your energy consumption, it is best that you buy a thermostat with timer. You can program it to turn off the heater if there is no one at home and heat up 30 minutes before you arrive home.

5. Choose devices that have the Energy Star logo

Manufacturers have become more conscious of the environment these days. Companies have developed devices that are energy efficient and can help you save on energy bills. You can check your devices and see if they have the Energy Star logo. If you see an equipment or device with this logo, you are sure that the device is energy-efficient.

Energy is a very important resource in the world. There are some types of energy that are not renewable, so we should do our part in conserving it. You can do this by reducing energy consumption at home and end up with lesser energy bills.

How To Be An Effective Home-Based Business Consultant

Nowadays, more and more people are earning real cash from doing online jobs. Many online workers have proven this and they have enjoyed earning online from the comforts of their homes. These individuals vary on the jobs they do but one of the most promising online career is being a home-based business consultant.

Many online marketers have tried this line of career and many of them have become very successful. Most of these individuals are business experts who have expanded their career by giving helpful tips to those people who are still new in the business industry.

What Makes Being a Business Consultant a Promising Online Career?

It is undeniable that people nowadays are thinking of ways to become more productive. Even those who have stable jobs are still trying to generate more income by starting their own businesses.

15 Great Home-Based Business Ideas

15 Great Home-Based Business Ideas

These individuals are the target clients of a business consultant. Since these people have no knowledge to make a good start in their business career, they need guidance and expert advices from those business professionals. This makes the job of being a consultant a rewarding online career because of the number of prospective clients.

Who Are Qualified to Be Online Business Consultants

It is necessary to have enough knowledge on the business industry if you will start this career. Remember that you will be giving advices to the newbie individuals who have less to no idea on how to manage a business. What would you give and share if you have no own experience on that field?

Business Ideas for Military Veterans

Business Ideas for Military Veterans

Aside from that, your clients would expect so much from you. You are expected to be well versed on every tip that you will share because this would be the foundation knowledge of your clients. You will be the source of what steps they would take in starting their business career. With best business consultancy services you can give, you will become one of the reasons of their success.

Building Their Business and Your Own Business

Providing your clients with best consultancy services will not just help build up their career but also your own. If you are able to establish strong business relationship with your customers, you are also building your reputation in your chosen field of endeavor.

By doing this, not only your customers could have the chance to be successful in business but also yourself. Just by learning from your own experiences and sharing to those individuals who need business directions; enjoying your job from the comforts of your home makes your career a key to your success as an individual.

This is one great way of sharing the knowledge earned from hard work. At the same time, you can continue earning from it. Being a home-based business consultant is never a difficult job to do as long as you have the passion to help other business enthusiasts who might want to follow your steps in reaching success.