The World Nuclear Supply Chain 2023

The imperatives of climate and energy security – together with innovation in the nuclear sector – are leading an increasing number of governments and industrial end users to consider nuclear energy in their plans to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions targets.In this context, this 5th edition of The World Nuclear Supply Chain provides a market-oriented view of the status, opportunities and challenges of the supply chain for nuclear power plants focusing on nuclear-grade structures, systems, components and services. The report covers the life-cycle of nuclear power plants through construction, operation and decommissioning. This includes new build of large gigawatt-scale and small modular reactors (SMRs) including advanced and microreactors, as well as reactor refurbishment to support long-term operation.The report also advances recommendations on how to optimize the international supply chain to support resilience and efficiency.Released in August 2023, the report is available to order now.A Table of Contents is available to download.