Overview of the World Nuclear Association Reactor Database

Updates of Changes since start of 2023

New operable reactor starts since start of 2023


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Our reactor database uses data from the IAEA Power Reactor Information System, augmented with additional data from World Nuclear Association.

The reactor database has four different types of pages.

Global dashboard

The global dashboard presents overall information on nuclear reactors worldwide, as well as providing navigation to the sections of the database. At the top of the page are links to the Reactor Search and to the country dashboard pages.

To search the database click the "Search the Database button". To see a country dashboard select a location from the dropdown list and then press the "go" button.

The global dashboard itself shows the number and capacity of operable reactors, the share of nuclear generation in the global electricity mix and the number and capacity of reactors under construction.

Below this are tables and charts shows the top ten countries by capacity of operable nuclear reactors, the top ten countries by capacity of reactors under construction, global nuclear generation since 1970, the ten most recent grid connections (which is when reactors start supplying electricity to the gird and transition from "under construction" to "operable"), the ten most recent construction starts, the top ten reactors by load factor, the top ten reactors by generation - both for the most recent year and in their entire operational lifetimes.

In the tables of reactor performances, by load factor and generation, you can click on the reactor name link to see details of that reactor, or click on the country name to see that country's dashboard.

Country Dashboards

Country dashboards show details for reactors operable, shares of generation and reactors under construction for that location. The dashboards also show historic trends for operable reactor capacity and electricity generated. The dashboards also show tables of all reactors operable, under construction or shutdown. Click on the reactor name to see the page for that reactor.

Reactor Page

Reactor pages show details of plant design, timeline for construction and operation, a map of the location of the reactor, as well as charts and tables of the operational performance.

Data is taken from the IAEA PRIS reactor database, with more recent information added if available.

The icon of the reactor on the map is an approximate location

At the bottom of each reactor page are a link to the relevant country profile from the Information Library, and a link to related World Nuclear News articles.

The reactor search page first presents details of all reactors in the database. These can be filtered in two ways. The first method is to enter all or part of the reactor name into the search box at the top right. The second method is to use the filters on the left hand side of the page. These can be used, for example, to select only those reactors operable, or those reactors from a specific country. Results can be ordered by relevance, reactor name, location or start year.

Search filters work in combination - e.g. selecting "Under construction" and "China" will list those reactors that are both located in China and are under construction