26 April: Explosion of reactor 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
April - October: Construction of a sarcophagus as a temporary measure

Decommissioning and physical protection works begin
December: G7/EU and Ukraine sign Memorandum of Understanding; EBRD Nuclear Safety
Account extended to include the decommissioning of Chernobyl reactors 1-3

May: G7/EU and Ukraine agreement on the Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP)
September: Establishment of the Chernobyl Shelter Fund (CSF) at the EBRD
November: First pledging event in New York
December: CSF becomes operational

Year-end: Implementation of first projects: Project Management Unit formed by Bechtel, EDF
and Batelle installed and first engineering tasks signed; SIP implementation begins

May: Second pledging event in Berlin
Year-end: Ukraine shuts down last operating Chernobyl reactor (unit 3)

April: Decision in principle on New Safe Confinement (NSC)

Start of biomedical protection and screening programmes for workers in Chernobyl
Year-end: Shelter stabilisation works begin

December: Stabilisation of Western wall structures in place

7 August: Ukraine and EBRD sign grant agreement for NSC
17 September: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant signs contract for NSC and completion of Interim
Storage Facility 2

80 per cent of roof load of Chernobyl Shelter to external support structure
Beginning of site clearance (future assembly area for NSC)

Concept Design Safety Document (key licensing documents) approved

Piling for NSC foundations begins
Approval of ISF2 design

New Safe Confinement and Spent Fuel Storage Facilit

New Safe Confinement and Interim Storage Facility

ЕБРР действует в качестве администратора и спонсора Чернобыльского фонда «Укрытие», основанного в декабре 1997 года странами "Большой семёрки" и другими странами-участницами проекта по оказанию помощи Украине с целью трансформировать существующее укрытиев Чернобыле в безопасную и экологически стабильную систему в рамках реализации Плана строительства объекта Укрытия.