Chernobyl's Legacy in Ukraine

KIEV—Sitting in his office in downtown Kiev, Yuri Andreyev has been glued to news of the widening crisis at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant.

"You worry that the same thing is going to happen there as with us," sighed the jowly 60-year-old, whose gray hair is receding atop a furrowed brow.

Mr. Andreyev was an engineer working at the Chernobyl power plant on the night a reactor exploded on April 26, 1986, spewing a radioactive cloud across northern and western Europe in what remains the world's biggest nuclear disaster.

"I just hope the nuclear plant workers there get lucky and manage to prevent the accident getting worse," said Mr. Andreyev, who lost a number of friends in the blast during a test that went awry. "These people are my colleagues, so of course my first thoughts are about them."

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©Publication: The wall street journal
Date: 16 March 2011

The EBRD acts as administrator of and a contributor to the Chernobyl Shelter Fund, which was established in December 1997 by the G7 and other contributing countries to help Ukraine transform the existing Chernobyl Shelter into a safe and environmentally stable system under the Chernobyl Shelter Implementation Plan (SIP).